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Timetable & Events


  Time Class Venue
Monday  10.00-10.30am Dance Tots  Studio 
 11.00-11.45pm  Nursery Dance    Studio  
 4.15-5.00pm  Gd. 2 Mod  Studio 
 5.00-5.45pm  Gd. 2 Tap   Studio  
 6.00-6.45pm  Gd. 3 Mod (Beginners)  Studio  
 7.00-7.45pm   Inter Found Ballet   Studio  
 8.00-8.45pm   Inter Ballet   Studio  
Tuesday         10.00-10.30am Dance Tots   Studio 
 11.00-11.45am  Nursery Dance   Studio
 1.30-2.45pm  Yoga (Nicola)   Studio 
 3.45-4.30pm  Inter Tap   Studio 
 4.30-5.15pm  Inter Mod   Studio  
 5.30-6.15pm  Lyrical (Seniors)   Studio  
 6.30-7.15pm  Gd. 6 Mod  Studio  
 7.15-8.00pm  Gd. 6 Tap  Studio 
 8.15-9.15pm  Dance Fitness   Studio  
Wednesday  10.30-11.30am   Pilates (Vharri)   Studio 
 12.00-1.00pm  Adult Ballet   Studio 
 4.15-5.00pm  Acro (1)  Studio  
 5.15-6.00pm  Acro (3)  Studio  
 6.15-7.00pm  Lyrical (Juniors)  Studio  
 7.15-8.00pm  Acro (4)  Studio  
 8.15-9.00pm  Adult Tap   Studio  
Thursday              9.30-10.30am   Yoga (Natasha)  Studio 
 11.45-1.00pm  Yoga (Nicola)   Studio 
 4.15-5.00pm  Gd. 3 Mod (Advanced)  Studio 
 5.15-6.15pm  Gd. 6 Ballet/Pointe  Studio  
 6.30-7.30pm  Gd. 7 Ballet/Pointe    Studio  
 8.00-9.00pm  Adult Ballet   Studio  
Thursday  4.15-5.00pm  Gd. 3 Tap   St. Andrew Blackadder 
 5.00-5.45pm  Gd. 4 Mod  St. Andrew Blackadder 
6.00-6.45pm  Lyrical (Mids)  St. Andrew Blackadder 
7.00-7.45pm  Gd. 5 Mod   St. Andrew Blackadder 
7.45-8.30pm  Gd. 5 Tap   St. Andrew Blackadder 
Friday          9.30-10.30am  Yoga (Natasha)   Studio 
 11.00-11.30am Dance Tots   Studio 
 1.15-2.00pm  Nursery Dance   Studio 
 2.15-3.00pm  Primary 2 Ballet   Studio  
 3.00-3.30pm Primary 2 Tap   Studio  
 3.45-4.30pm Acro (2)   Studio  
 4.45-5.30pm Gd. 1 Ballet   Studio  
 5.30-6.15pm Gd. 1 Mod   Studio  
 6.15-7.00pm Gd. 1 Tap   Studio  
1.00-1.45pm  Nursery Dance   St. Andrew Blackadder 
2.00-2.45pm  Primary 2 Ballet   St. Andrew Blackadder 
2.45-3.15pm  Primary 2 Tap   St. Andrew Blackadder 
3.30-4.15pm Gd. 1 Ballet   St. Andrew Blackadder 
4.15-5.00pm  Gd. 1 Mod   St. Andrew Blackadder 
5.00-5.45pm  Gd. 1 Tap   St. Andrew Blackadder 
Saturday        9.00-9.45am Primary 1 Ballet  Studio 
 9.45-10.15am Primary 1 Tap  Studio  
 10.30-11.15am Gd. 2 Ballet  Studio  
 11.30-12.30pm Gd. 5 Ballet/Pointe   Studio  
 12.45-1.30pm Gd. 3 Ballet  Studio  
 1.45-2.45pm Gd. 4 Ballet/Pre Pointe   Studio  
9.00-9.45am  Primary 1 Ballet   St. Andrew Blackadder 
9.45-10.15am  Primary Tap   St. Andrew Blackadder 
Sunday  12.30-1.30pm   Jazz Training   Studio 

Venue map and addresses

Freedom and Form Dance Training map iconFreedom and Form Dance Studio
Office 16
The Lighthouse
Unit 2
Heugh Road Industrial Estate
North Berwick
EH39 5PX

North Berwick Scout Hall map iconNorth Berwick Scout Hall
54 St. Baldreds Road
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 4PY

St Andrew Blackadder Church Hall map iconSt. Andrew Blackadder Church Hall
6 St. Andrew Street
North Berwick
East Lothian
EH39 4NU














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Freedom and Form Dance Training
Office 16, The Lighthouse, Unit 2, Heugh Road Industrial Estate, North Berwick, EH39 5PX


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