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Dance Tots

Our Dance Tots class is suitable for children with a participating adult from age 18mths-3yrs. It is also a Great class for those at Nursery age that require parental support. Early childhood develops gross motor skills which we will exercise in our class through fun walking, running, skipping and jumping routines. We use imagery with stories, games and props in this adorable class.


Ballet training is a graceful discipline and a firm foundation for any other dance style. Here at Freedom and Form we follow the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Grades and Vocational syllabus. These classes develop technical, musical and performance skills. Benefits of our ballet classes can be seen physically but also through dedication and perseverance our students then take out of the studio into other aspects of their lives. While examinations are offered at the teachers discretion here at Freedom and Form this is not a requirement and students can very happily move through the levels without taking exams if they do not wish to. Over the years a number of our students have been awarded places on the Scottish Ballet and Ballet West Associate programmes confirming the strength of training we give here at Freedom and Form. Ballet lessons start at Nursery level with easy to follow, fun classes.

Ballet at Freedom and Form Dance Training


The Royal Academy of Dance is recognised as an Awarding Body in Scotland by SQA Accreditation. By taking the exams we offer, points are allocated for major dance examinations. These points can be used when applying to a relevant course at a university or higher education in the UK. Candidates who have achieved a pass or higher in Grades 6, 7, 8, Intermediate or Advanced Foundation, can use their RAD exam result towards their points.

Modern Theatre/Jazz

Modern dance are great fun classes and will definitely boost your child’s fitness. We follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) Graded and Majors syllabus. These classes focus on strong technique and flexibility using isolations, floor work and travelling steps. Again Examinations are offered at the teachers discretion however the choice of taking the exam is entirely down to the individual. Throughout our Modern class we are able to add Jazz elements giving the show style dance that we all love using your favourite music. In short by choosing Modern the students will experience both Modern Theatre and Jazz.

Modern dance at Freedom and Form Dance Training


Our Tap tuition starts in Primary 1 and we have classes all the way through the grades onto the Majors under the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) Syllabus. Examinations are offered at the teachers discretion however are not compulsory. Tap dance is A personal love of our director Jenna’s who just can’t get enough of those rhythms! We learn technical steps and really stimulate the brain. On that note this is why we highly recommend Tap lessons to Adults!

Tap at Freedom and Form Dance Training

Jazz Invitation class

Jazz is a by invitation only fast paced, high level technique class, covering non-syllabus free work. Perfect your pirouettes, level up your leaps, get height in those kicks and display your confidence in fun, and challenging routines.


Lyrical classes merge ballet and jazz techniques. Performed to music which allows the expression of strong feelings and emotions through the movement. Classes are choreography based therefore it is beneficial to have a secure grounding of classical technique. These classes should therefore be taken alongside either Ballet or Modern, or both. 

Lyrical at at Freedom and Form Dance Training


Acro dance is a beautiful fusion of dance and acrobatics. Through the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, dancers will learn new skills and tricks which is an essential for the dancers of today. Classes are offered to those in Primary 1 up. Classes will build up confidence and ability in the 5 divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, and tumbling.

Acrobatic Arts logo

Adult Ballet

Whether you have danced before, never and ‘not for a long time’ this class is a brilliant highlight to your week. We work on improving flexibility, posture and agility all while having fun. We have all ages at our sessions and are an extremely welcoming bunch.

Adult Tap

A super fun class where you will learn the basics of Tap dance and work them into a routine. This is perfect for improving coordination, rhythm and memory!

Dance Fitness Class

This is a fantastic fun class for anyone over 16yrs. This is a no experience necessary zone, we keep it simple to follow by building on choreography week by week. Class begins with our cardio and toning warm ups and we move onto the dance portion from there. A great variety of styles and genres are explored and we have so much fun doing it. A real highlight to the week! 

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We offer a 10% class discount to students/families who take 3 or more lessons a week with us.

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